Covid-19 Update

Simplista has adapted our item onboarding platform to help grocery and chain drug stores cope with COVID-19. We have developed a solution designed to help you meet the surge in demand, both in store and online, by providing you with accurate, complete item information and an expanded item catalog. It is a low-cost, emergency version of our original technology. This solution has been added to Accenture’s list of COVID-19 solutions. Please see link.

The product listing process: simplified at last.

Get products to consumers in a fraction of the time with significant and trackable savings. It’s time to fully digitize your retail operation with Simplista, a cloud-based B2B product listing platform that can radically improve your business.

Maximize efficiency. Currently, retail product listing and upkeep is overly time-consuming with inaccuracies and delays that lead to lost revenue and unnecessary costs. By automating product listing and change management processes, Simplista produces efficiencies that impact your bottom line.

Automate. Validate. Simplify. Collaboration, speed, and accuracy are the pillars of the Simplista platform. You’ll get product data right the first time and reap the benefits: transformative savings and increased revenues for both retailers and suppliers.

A cloud-based platform that's secure. Simplista allows both traditional and digital retailers and their suppliers to collaborate for rapid product intake and upkeep in a secure manner - all in real time.

Simplista transforms the product listing and item master management process.

Accelerate your speed to market. New product listings and information changes are implemented quickly and accurately, cutting listing time down to a matter of hours.

Reduce operating costs: magic words every business loves to hear. Simplista enables real-time information exchange between retailers and suppliers, eliminating duplicated effort and churn.

Improve data integrity - improve your bottom line. Our automated processes eliminate opportunities for human error and downstream supply chain problems, translating to greater efficiencies and significant annual savings.

Increased productivity that works for you. Simplista makes product listing and changes simple and straightforward for both retailers and suppliers so your staff can focus on doing business, not managing data.

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